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The Wadia a340 digital mono amplifier provides 400 watts at 8 ohms or 500 watts at 4 ohms into a single channel. It shares the same sleek, modern industrial design as the 321 decoding computer, making a pair of a340s a perfect choice to use with the 321 to build your audio system.

The a340 includes the latest technology from Wadia. It features a comprehensive balanced signal design from input through output stage known as IO Symmetry™ that provides total system differential pairing – resulting in increased audio quality and noise reduction. Frequency Switching Transmission™ (FST) is an adaptive modulation design in the amplifier circuitry that assures full output power is delivered over the entire audio spectrum. To protect your speakers, Signal Surveyor™ monitors the output signal and stops amplification if unsafe levels of DC voltage are detected.

Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are available for connecting your other system components; balanced and unbalanced outputs are also included for ease of connecting bi-amp configurations. Specially designed 5-way binding posts will securely hold your speaker wire; they are designed for easy finger tightening and come with a special tool if even more snug connections are desired. A trigger input and output makes it simple to control the power state of your entire system when the a340 is turned on/off.

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